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Deer-Leerious Plants "Plants deer don't like to eat" Here's how ithe program works! Deer are not so cute when they're eating your garden. They surely have a place, but using your plants as their dinner table is not one of them. Deer-Leerious TM plants have been chosen based on research, reference guides and experience from gardeners throughout the country, as plants deer don't like to eat. We have divided these deer-unfriendly plants into three categories to make plant selection more sensible. •First select Sun or Shade •Then look to see the deer rating for the Deer-Leerious TM plants you want in your garden. #1, 'Not Eatin' This!" - Highest deer resistence You can be highly confident that deer will not eat this plant, unless they are starving. Two separate tags Place in Sunny Area or Place in Shady Area. #2, "Can't Stand This!" - High Deer Resistence, when highly stressed they may nibble
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www.TreadwellPlants.com ...Go beyond the boring and stretch your imagination. Put the finishing touch on your garden project. Treadwell Perennials tolerate foot traffic and are excellent groundcovers along pathways or between stepping stones and throughout your garden, patio or deck. ...Treadwell Perennials have been selected by landscape professionals for ease of planting, availability year-round & landscape durability. Our selection includes landscaping favorites that are "tried and true" and proven to be readily available and climate durable. ...Treadwell Perennials can be used to compliment or contrast materials used in stepping-stones, pathways or garden edging.
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The Perennial Farm is known as one of the industry leaders in Perennials with the fastest delivery for all your perennial needs. We grow a full line of quality, landscape-size perennials, ornamental grasses, hardy ferns, flowering vines, flowering shrubs, groundcovers and more. From tried and true favorites to brand new additions, plants from The Perennial Farm thrive throughout the NorthEast and MidAtlantic Regions. Here at The Perennial Farm, we're growing for you! We are known throughout the Mid-Atlantic and Northeast Regions as "The Source" for beautiful perennials. We deliver to most locations at least 3 times every week. Our fleet of 15 trucks means your order arrives securely - on shelved racks, and our friendly and courteous drivers are available to help you unload your order
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From Maine to North Carolina and out to Ohio, we deliver with our fleet of 18 trucks. Our customers have told us they want the highest quality plant material at a good price value. Customers want a high level of customer service and support. They want plant material delivered when they need it...not when a grower wants to deliver it. Lastly and most importantly, our customers want a grower who they can rely on as a business partner to help them grow their business. The Perennial Farm is recognized as the "Price Value Leader". From Maine to North Carolina and out to Ohio, we deliver with our fleet of 18 trucks.
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About us - The Perennial Farm is entering our 34th year in business at its present location in Glen Arm, Maryland. We were originally a landscape design and installation company. These valuable landscape roots have given us valuable insight into the needs of garden centers and landscapers as we have transformed and grown our business through the years. "We continually try to meet and exceed our customer's expectations." What makes us "tick" - We have created an environment dedicated to doing things efficiently in all of our operations. This means understanding how to grow and produce a mature plant that is the highest quality at the lowest cost. We listen to the marketplace and continually adjust our operations, support and business strategies to meet an ever-changing business environment. Our customers have told us they want the highest quality plant material at a good price value
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