Baseline Minerals, Inc. provides all phases of land services to both independent energy producers and major oil and gas companies. We analyze situations and circumstances of our clients and combine the highest quality people with the best technology to achieve the best results and products
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President: Joseph W. Thames Project Manager: Erich P. Zeeb Project Manager: Mathew Kempfert Project Landman: Peggy Clark Project Landman: Jonathan Bennett Human Resources: Kara M. Zeeb Finance Manager: Roger Lehman Office Manager: Jill L. Thames
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Baseline Minerals, Inc. has been providing professional land services to the Rocky Mountain Oil and Gas Industry for 25 years. Since its formation in 1990, as a locally owned service company, we have always striven to bring the highest level of professionalism to all of our clients' projects. It is our continuing goal to always limit ourselves to service only projects we feel we can professionally manage and meet our clients' high expectations. As a strong supporter of the Denver Association of Petroleum Landmen and the American Association of Professional Landmen, we feel that the ongoing education of our team and the members of these organizations will always be the best way to maintain the highest level of professionalism needed to meet the continuing challenges we face.
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