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Need us to care for your cat while you're away? We treat our cat boarders as though they were our own and do our best to cater to their special needs. Most cats are a little apprehensive being away from home, but boarders who are relaxed enough to allow us to handle them spend supervised time lounging and exploring in our "quiet room." Print our boarding form to save time checking your cat in. It tells us about your cat's special needs and helps make their stay with us a great getaway. To protect the health of all cats at the Clinic: All boarders must have current Rabies and FVRCP vaccinations. If your cat's vaccinations are not current, your cat can be vaccinated upon arrival. If your cat brings a few fleas, we will treat your cat with Capstar on arrival. At checkout, we will return all your cat's belongings ... except the fleas.
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The Cat Clinic is a feline exclusive primary care veterinary facility. Our entire team is dedicated to the health and well being of your cat. We know that cats are special, and cat owners are, too. We strive to respect, embrace and enhance the bond between cats and their chosen people. Limiting our practice to cats allows us to best provide for the unique needs of your feline friends. Every procedure and piece of equipment used in the Cat Clinic has been chosen with the special needs of cats in mind. We strive to provide a quiet, calm and supportive environment in which the healthy cat can flourish and the ill cat recover. Cat Clinic Policies • Our practice is limited to cats. • We expect payment at the time services are rendered. • We encourage the adoption of cats who need homes and discourage the deliberate breeding of pet cats. • We endorse the management of feral cat colonies in accordance with the principles of Trap/Neuter/Return
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Physical Exams & Preventative Care The individual Health Assessment Exam is the basis for determining what, if any, treatment is needed for both well and ill cats. We will gather details about your home environment and household animals, your cat's habits, diet and behavior, and more. We offer vaccinations, parasite control, micro-chipping, diagnostic testing and other services to keep your cat healthy and safe. Dental Care Periodic dental maintenance to keep your cat's teeth clean and healthy will prolong tooth life, help prevent periodontal disease and may even freshen fish breath! Grooming Whether your cat needs mat removal and a medicated bath or a full groom with lion cut and nail trim, proper grooming is an important aspect of your cat's overall health. We can provide a nice day at the spa for your feline friend. Tap here to see our standard cuts. View and print our form for grooming clients here. Our grooming services are provided only to established patients
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