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The Hawaiian Kingdom Continues

The Kūʻē Petition Continues

Kūʻē Petition Continues is a live, in-person, interactive experience. By using our alphabetized database you can search amoungst the 20,000+ signatures who signed the 1897 Petition Against Annexation.

Find them, and join by signing with them.

Kūʻē Petition Continues is how you can connect to the heroes - those supporters of Queen and country who successfully opposed the annexation of Hawaiʻi to the United States in 1897.

We hope that grassroots programs like this will motivate you to learn the truth of how the constitutional government of The Hawaiian Kingdom was over-thrown and how this once globally recognized, neutral, independent state (country) was illegally seized and militarily occupied.

If Kūʻē Petition Continues is to be your first tool of learning, please proceed to our full desktop website to learn more.

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