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NEW WORK The Queen is a Cat Mermaid composed primarily of decorated glass, vases, mirror glass and a set of frilly dessert dishes. She is built on a steel and cement frame, and is very sturdy, but she would prefer to be indoors. There is variety in her grout colors, and she has a bit of heft, as well as fused glass eyes, and a pouty mouth. She is 31 inches long, 19 1/2 inches high, with a depth of 14 inches, and she prefers not to give out her weight. $2800 plus California State sales tax and shipping to be determined @ cost [PaypalBuyNow item_name="The Queen of the Cat Mermaids" price="2800.00" currency_code="USD" paypal_login="fuff@sbcglobal.net" quantity="1" align="left"] Mr. Bunny is a dimensional mosaic sculpture; he hangs on the wall, and stares you down. He is made of glass, and is built out using cement on wood. He prefers the indoor life
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This is a commissioned mosaic created over an unsightly retaining wall. It is 3 feet high by 20 feet wide, created with mirror glass, art glass, and an entire set of blue dishes. There is a stone and slate river bed housing Bunny and Mr. Frog. My original drawing included a snake, which was vetoed by the wonderful owner. I welcome the opportunity to create mosaic art to fill your needs, whether on site like this wall, or created in my studio then transported to your site. My full site has detail pictures as well as a slideshow of the wall being created. http://fuff.net/workbycommission.html
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This is a picture of my Art Car, the Aquatic Mosaitic. It was being controlled by my little guy, Mr. Markie, who is living the good life at the great dog park in the sky. Glass: Paintings/Mosaics/Fusing I am drawn to working with glass because I love the rich colors, but I also love the inherent danger in glass. The razor sharp edges will hurt and draw blood if not treated with respect! Many of the materials I use are scrap, broken, or left over pieces. Some of my most beautiful glass is discarded, unique, hand blown. Making beautiful art from broken pieces is very compelling. Both glass and mirrors reflect light, changing their message as the viewer moves, and as the ambient light changes. The pieces are constantly changing, constantly in movement. Layering colored glass and mirrors creates sculptural pieces that have even more changes with light and movement. Fusing glass is an act of mystery and magic
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