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Contact Extrication.Com, LLC of Plymouth, MA, toll free at (888) 971-5724 or (508) 747-0860. We provide the necessary training to sure your team is prepared for tommorows rescue incident.We provide the latest techincal rescue training, advanced technology rescue tools and equipment.

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Open Enrollment Program CAFC Convention St Thomas 0900-1200 May 24th & 25th Tutu Fire Station, St. Thomas USVI
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Extrication.Com and Extrication.Com, LLC Plymouth, 19 Baldwin Circle, MA 02360 USA Vehicle Rescue Specialists: Ensure greater success, safety and reduce overall time required to mitigate a vehicle rescue utilizing our extrication techniques during incidents involving conventional and advanced vehicle crashes. We offer ResQTec & Power Hawk advanced rescue tools, service-training to DOD, USVI, Guam, US Territories, and the entire Caribbean community including Cuba. We've been training vehicle extrication and rescue, as well as offering small rescue tools since 1989. Our company is dedicated to the specialty field of motor vehicle extrication and provides emergency responders with the latest training to mitigate a motor vehicle rescue efficiently. Our goal is to reduce the overall time to mitigate a vehicle rescue: extricaiton and entrapment as safely as possible using the least amount of tasks, equipment, and personnel
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Extrication. Com and Extrication.Com, LLC are registered ResQTec-Power Hawk dealer providing sales and service to emergency service agencies, including US DOD and Homeland Defense. We now offer optional service technical training programs for mechanics and agency personnel. This allows your mechanics or personnel to perform service, repairs and testing of their ResQTec equipment. This can save your agency thousand of dollars over the life of the equipment. Extrication Training
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