Specializing in solar & energy storage systems since 2004.


Martin E. Herzfeld, IREC Certified Master Trainer™
for PV Installation Professional
#IREC 10037 MT PVI
California Licensed Contractor #833782
Solar & Energy Storage Systems Contractor
Solar Contractor - C46
 Electrical Contractor - C10
Instrumentation | Low Voltage Systems - C7
Pole Installation & Maintenance - D31
Trenching Contractor - D56
Planning, Design, Implementation, Support & Safety
Roof & Ground-Mounted Solar Energy Systems
Independent Licensed Contractor
Qualifier & Journeyman
~ 15 Years of Experience in the Solar Industry
Third Party Contract PV & ESS Technical Inspector
UL Certified PV Installer #17
 OSHA-Authorized Construction Trainer
Federal OSHA 10hr & 30hr 
Adjunct College Professor, Energy
Certified Technical Classroom Trainer (CTT+)
B.A. Management for Business

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California Licensed Solar & Electrical Contractor - Since 2004

CA License #833782: Solar, Electrical, Trenching, Pole, Low Voltage Systems - Instrumentation Contractor: "The qualifying individual is the person who meets the experience and examination requirements for the license and who is responsible for the employer's or principal's construction operations. The qualifying individual must document at least four (4) full years of journeyman-level or higher experience in the classification." Underwriters Laboratories (UL) Certified PV System Installer #17: "Several years of hands-on experience in the field. Hands-on experience or equivalent knowledge including installing, building, repairing, troubleshooting, diagnosing, verifying and performing tasks involved in electrical work either residential or commercial."

Contracting and Code Compliance

The best way to inspect and determine the workmanship and value of a solar energy system is onsite and by looking on above and under the solar modules - look under the hood - for damage and defects of a rooftop or ground-mounted solar energy system.


CODE COMPLIANCE AND THE SOLAR INDUSTRY For example, local AHJ Inspections determine Code compliance (Electrcal and the I codes), non local goverment AHJ inspections may include performance, workmanship, industry standard practices, contracts and the Business and Professions (B&P) Code.

2nd-Party Industry Standard Practices & 3rd-Party Inspections

A independent inspection or review of existing or new proposed physical installations to industry standards and best practices - from a licensed certified PV installer perspective: If the system is existing, we will only (1) identify the issues and (2) provide you with an $ estimate cost to fix the issues and NOT contract to fix the system. For example, may be issues with poor workmanship, not following manufacture's instructions and other issues. After our independent inspection, we will not contract correct your issues would be a conflict of interest. We only contract for NEW system installations.

1st Party Contracting - Residential Ground-Mounted Solar and Energy Storage Systems

Sub-100kW Ground-Mounted Solar Photovoltaic (PV) Energy with an Electric Vehicle (EV) solution  with or without an Energy Storage System (ESS). Contract to install up to a 15 kW Solar (Photovoltaic) Energy System - California Locations Only. Requirements: 1. An option total of 8, 12, 16, 24 or 48 modules or at 3.8 kW or 7.6kW ground-mounted solar energy system up to approximately 15 kW. 2. The distance from the residential structure of up to 300 feet from the point of connection. 3. The alternatives would be traditional string, micro-inverter or DC converter/inverter solutions. If a traditional inverter is selected in a ground-mount and is on the building, other requirements may apply. 4. The ground-mounted system must have 10 feet all around clear of brush and at least 3 feet from the property line. 

About Herzfeld

Martin Herzfeld not only is a licensed contractor, but als teaches as an adjuct college professor, but also is contract training provider in a school district, utility and a trainer at community based organizations. Solar energy for the future of the children: "Herz ❤️ feld ⛰️" in German means "Heart Field" and we specialize in consulting, inspection and contracting of field ground-mounted solar energy systems. Deploying ☀ solar ⚡️ energy 🔋systems ⛰️ with the love of people 👵🏽❤️ + planet 🌎 in mind, where 🚗 = Zero. Simply, it's about the impact of people and a net-zero energy impact on the planet.

A Story of a Solar Party

Two Parables of Happiness and One Happy Ending. Story #1: Mixed Emotions at a Solar Party A customer was so happy to purchase a brand new solar PV energy system, they invited their colleagues and friends to a solar party. Announcements were printed and mailed. On the day of the party, all the guests went up on the roof to examine the new system and the roof collapsed. This puts a damper on any event. What would you have managed differently in this parable? Both commercial and residential solar systems require project management with complete technical process elaboration. In addition, consider the structual critera for residential rooftop solar energy installations for one- and two- family dwellings.

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