Geoffrey L Gogan Architect and Planner


Geoff Gogan, Experienced Architect - also as a Professional Planner for Board Approvals- Maximizing your "Buildout Potential"  

Thousands of projects for homeowners and small businesses   

In Morristown since 1984.- Graduated NJIT 1978 Call and work directly with Geoff  

Additions, Alterations, New homes and buildings 

Also Light Commercial, - Bakeries, Pizzerias, Delis and Retail   Many Successful Zoning Board Approvals   Low overhead - Reasonable Fees     Practical - Energy Efficient - Low Maintenance       Help with Bidding, Contracts, Payment Schedules and services during construction

  • Full service Architectural and Planning. Most Structural and Civil tasks can be done in-house
  • Please visit full site on desktop www.geoffgoganarchitect.com
Opening Hours
11:00 am - 02:00 pm
11:00 am - 06:30 pm
11:00 am - 06:30 pm
11:00 am - 06:30 pm
11:00 am - 06:30 pm
11:00 am - 06:30 pm
11:00 am - 02:00 pm
Payment Methods
How does the process take place with an architect?

- First send an email with info about the  project

- A reply will start conversation and arrange a visit in person or by Zoom.

A proposal will be sent with each step explained and a fee shown.


- The proposed agreement may be revised and then signed, with retainer 


- The building is then measured- site info gathered


- Schematic Design solutions- plans and elevations are shown, with 


Zoning, room sizes, some furniture for scale.  Ballpark costs can be generated from these.


- The solution is "Developed" - starting final drawings- refining various elements in plan and elevation.


- Construction Documents are then finished along with Specifications, Energy Code Calculations, HVAC Calculations.


- Some clients need help with Competitive Bidding, Contract Negotiation, Permit applications, and Construction Administration- Site visits during construction.    

  • 35 Pine Street
  • Morristown
  • NJ
  • 07960