BEGIN:VCARD VERSION:3.0 PRODID:-//class_vCard from WhatsAPI//NONSGML Version 1//EN REV:2024-05-30 19:50:49 FN:VALLEY MEADOW FARMS Farmhouse Stay or Bed & Barn (bring N:VALLEY;MEADOW;FARMS;Farmhouse;Stay;or;Bed;&;Barn;(bring TITLE:. ADR;type=WORK:15006 Bottenfield Rd;Hancock;MD 21750;;;; EMAIL;type=INTERNET, TEL;type=WORK,voice:+1 301-678-5023 URL;type=WORK: PHOTO;TYPE=JPG;ENCODING=BASE64:PCFET0NUWVBFIGh0bWw+CjxodG1sIGxhbmc9ImVuIj4KICA8aGVhZD4KICA8L2hlYWQ+CiAg PGJvZHk+CiAgPC9ib2R5Pgo8L2h0bWw+ GEO:39.719715118408;-78.306159973145 NOTE:Visit Valley Meadow Farms in beautiful Western Maryland near Hancock, MD for a special vacation getaway staying in a fabulous farmhouse. Enjoy hiking, walking, birding, cycling and the great outdoors on 400 private acres and miles of trails on this family-owned farm. Rates are $200/night (1-4 people and $25/night each extra person) plus $100 cleaning fee and taxes. For "Bed & Barn" guests (bring your own horse) add $25/horse/night. Voted "Favorite Horsey Spot in MD" by 2019 Equiery magazine readers and excellent guest reviews. END:VCARD