BEGIN:VCARD VERSION:3.0 PRODID:-//class_vCard from WhatsAPI//NONSGML Version 1//EN REV:2022-10-05 16:11:47 FN:Unwind Within N:Unwind;Within TITLE:. ADR;type=WORK:25 West Diamond Lake Road;Minneapolis;MN 55419;;;; EMAIL;type=INTERNET, TEL;type=WORK,voice:+1 612-889-8248 URL;type=WORK: GEO:44.904010772705;-93.279121398926 NOTE:Massage and Bodywork have been used throughout the ages to help bring our bodies back into balance and sustain inner harmony. Through the power of touch, we are able to provide relaxation and healing to those in need. Enjoy learning how to find your balance and Unwind Within….   END:VCARD